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alright everybody sit down and let me tell you a story about Waffle mother-freaking Houses
the summer before I was going into fifth grade me and my family drove down to Florida to go to Universal studios. So on our way down we started noticing them everywhere. I’m not joking at how many more there were the further we drove. and THEN we got into Georgia and they where EVERYWHERE
every stop
every highway
every few yards there was a waffle house.
There was a road where there was a Waffle house on the THE OPPOSITE SIDES
it was insane. so I hope you guys like waffles if you decide to drive through Georgia

Seriously guys, in Georgia we say that there are so many Waffle Houses along the road because
"Nobody turns left for that shit"

All directions in Georgia literally have the phrases “When you get on Peachtree” and then “When you see the Waffle House”

i live in between waffle house and huddle house which is just a kind of waffle house

the only good thing about georgia is you’re always within walking distance of waffle house

you guys don’t understand, in the deep south, we don’t have anywhere to go or anything to do 
celebrating after a football game? go to the waffle housedrunk on a saturday night? go to the waffle housebored as dicks and just need to entertain yourself? go to the fucking waffle house
it’s a fucking CELEBRATION when a new one opens up—you have to break it in before all the grease and grime sets in and it is GLORIOUS

i feel like waffle houses in the deep south are the equivalent to diners in new jersey

My family and I were driving from Mississippi to Georgia and to pass the time we counted Waffle Houses VS McDonalds to see which there were more of (according to the exits signs). We got off at one exit for food and saw a Waffle House, then decided to go to Wendy’s on the other side of the exit and there was another fucking Waffle House.

no but i love how its presented by taco bell

some of you might recognise this one. it was really cool to revisit this design now that my lines are way more mature n stuff. i feel like a proud parent lol


“I shot this photo of Gerard backstage at Adelaide Big Day Out 2007. It was more of a mindless response than a moment of inspiration. Gerard always writes a word on his inner arm before each show. The word is what he intuitively feels the energy of the show needs, maybe for the good of his audience. I think he sensed that the show could get out of hand, it was hot, really hot, and a bit of care was needed from above. As a photographer, he’s one of the best I’ve ever photographed - no fuss and welcoming.” - Sophie Howarth



I see 2007 and think “oh 3 years ago” and then it hits me that it was 7 fucking years ago


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